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"Trekking Waistcoat"

The Trekking Waistcoat has been tested all year and is CE certified to EN1150. It is now available to purchase.

The waistcoat has 5 pockets in total:

-2 large front zip pockets made from a waterproof material to keep stuff dry

- 2 top expandable top pockets 

- l zip pocket on the back (to keep your first aid kit in)

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"Four Seasons"
Waterproof and Breathable Coat

2 Coats in one product 
Independently tested and CE certified to EN1150 (reflective and materials) and EN343 (waterproofness and breathability)
This is a high quality product
Zip in quilted liner for use in colder weather
Thin mesh lining for use in warmer weather
Taped seams to make them even more waterproof

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"COMBI - BRITE" ™ Range  

During the Spring/Summer various crops spring into flower and later trees shed their leaves after turning yellowish in colour.  This means that yellow is not always the most effective high viz colour to use on its own as it can sometimes not stand out enough against the background you are riding beside.  We always advocate that riders use a combination of high viz colours at all times of year to be the most visible. For instance, drivers do not often come across high viz pink in nature and is therefore interpreted by drivers as something different/odd which in turn can trigger a more cautious approach. V-Bandz now has a  range of products which specifically combine the various high viz colours for maximum impact. 




The Dangers of riding in bright summer sunlight. 

This horse and rider are visible to drivers at this point in the road but the moment they hit the shade of the trees overhanging the road they would become nearly invisible to drivers if they were not wearing high viz.  Drivers need time for their   eyes  to adapt to the shade.   Please make sure you wear lots of high viz if this sort of riding scenario applies to you.  The drivers will see you so much quicker. 



New On the Market
"Safety Camera In Use" Waistcoat and Veho Muvi sm
all HD Camera with remote control

This waistcoat is designed to be used on its own or with a clip on personal HD camera which can be clipped to either the front or back of our waistcoat.

The words and camera icon warn the approaching driver that they are being filmed and therefore help to encourage better driving past the horse and rider.  The camera we have chosen to offer is a high quality product and has the benefit of a remote control button which can be worn on the rider’s wrist.  This has the benefit of being able to switch the camera on and off whenever you wish to preserve the battery life.

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NEWS UPDATE  -  Warning to our customers – Potentially Misleading
“V-Bandz” Facebook page and web domain names

Dear Customers

Please be aware that we are currently in a trade mark dispute which is unfortunately affecting our "Four Seasons Coat" Facebook page. Our "V-Bandz" Trade Mark Registration accidentally lapsed (but be assured that we retain our full unregistered trading rights to the V-Bandz brand).    Before we became aware of this lapse, a competitor (Equisafety Ltd) managed to obtain the registration.  It has since been used to attempt to stop us trading – without success, except for a temporary take-down of our Facebook page.

We note that what might appear to be a V-Bandz Facebook page has now been set up (

We are concerned that this might lead to uncertainty and confusion on the part of some of our customers.  We therefore wish to declare that the above Facebook page IS NOT the official V-Bandz Ltd Facebook page and does not represent our company or our authentic quality V-Bandz products in any way whatsoever.  Neither do the web domains or, both of which redirect to the Equisafety Ltd web page (  The correct web address for V-Bandz Ltd is the page you have visited: or

The Intellectual Property Office is currently acting on our application to have the Trade Mark Registration obtained by our competitor struck off as "invalid", on the basis that the registration by Equisafety Ltd was contrary to the UK Trade Marks Act. We will then be able to ensure that the V-Bandz mark is once again registered in our name, and our online Facebook presence will then be able to return to normal.

We thank our customers for their loyalty and continued valued business while V-Bandz resolves these difficulties for everyone’s benefit.

Our Facebook is back up- Good News Udate  (12th Sept 2014)

The wheels of justice turn very slowiy and our Trade Mark case is still ongoing.  However,  we have managed to get our Facebook page put back up again.  This is our official page and can be found at      Thank you for your messages of support.



We have received updated guidelines nationally from the Police on the styling of the high viz products which Police Forces use.  As a result of these clarifications we have decided to withdraw the entire chequered range from sale as we do not want to put our customers in a potential conflict situation with their local Police Force. We understand the Police will be making these guidelines public to riders via press releases in equine magazines.  We are sorry if this causes you inconvenience and will do our best to help.

For our customers who have bought these kind of products from us - Please do follow the link below for more information and ways that we can help you. What we do not want is for you to go out not wearing anything high vis but we want you to understand and manage the guidelines.  -  some of our products are in the "high risk" category.
As a good will gesture  so that you do not have to discard items or purchase brand new items again- we are looking at  swapping our “PLEASE” waistcoats and amending equine products for you. Please  click here  for more updated information and ways in which we can help you stay compliant. 
Please note that we will only amend or swap products made by V-Bandz (it will have our logo sewn into it) and  not products made by any other company.

About V-Bandz

High Visibility Products for the Rider - Horse - Pet

V-Bandz has been a leading innovator in equestrian high visibility for 10 years. Our  product range for the rider has been tested and certified to the European standard of EN1150 (waistcoats and tabards)  and EN13356 (accessories such as rider hatbands) which means that you can be sure you are buying a quality product which will last and provide additional safety day and night.

CE-certification is compulsory for all rider high visibility wear - if the item doesn't comply - DON'T BUY! . 


Why bother to wear Hi-Viz?

Wearing High Viz means even in the brightest of sunlight you and your horse will be much more visible to drivers. The fluorescent colour is seen by the human eye up to 3 seconds sooner than any other colour, even white. This means that a car travelling at 50mph could see you 250 meters sooner than when you are wearing no hi-viz at all.

Take a look at the pictures below; these were taken on a bright sunny day under the shade of trees.


We are not saying that car drivers cannot see the horse on the left - but they will certainly see the horse on the right first - hence the extra 3 seconds  -  Keep Safe!

Top Sellers
Mesh Quarter Sheet

Mesh Quarter Sheet£24.99

Will not make the horse sweat up

Trekking Waistcoat

Trekking Waistcoat£39.99

A waistcoat designed especially for the rider who participates in Trec type competitions. The waistcoat has many pockets as well as D rings and clips.

''Combi Brite'' Deluxe Legbands

"Combi Brite" Deluxe Legbands£11.99  -  £12.99

The most fluorescent/reflective high vis boots on the market

''Combi Brite'' Adjustable Mesh Waistcoat

"Combi Brite" Adjustable Mesh Waistcoat£23.99

Certified to EN1150
A great waistcoat designed especially for riding.