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Veho Muvi HD Camera

Veho Muvi HD Camera
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Veho Muvi HD CameraVeho Muvi HD CameraVeho Muvi HD CameraVeho Muvi HD Camera
Our Price:  £129.99

Model:  VehoMuviHD

We spent a lot of time looking around the market place for a small HD clip on camera which had at least 3 hours battery ife and a time and date stamp.  This is the amount of time we felt most riders would be out on a decent ride and would need to be filming.  The problem we found was that the smallest of the HD cameras clip on cameras only record for around 45 mins to 90mins due to the battery capacity. We have therefore chosen to offer a slightly larger camera which  wil last for up to 3 hours and also has a remote control button which can be worn on the rider's wrist.  This allows the rider to turn the camera on or off - thereby preserving the battery life.  It can also take a still one off picture from the remote control.   The spring clip allows the camera to be attached to our "Safety Camera In Use" waistcoat on either the front or back.  For riders which who wish to mount the camera on their right leg (back or front) we can also provide a strap made by us.  This is not included in the Veho pack with their camera - it is an optional extra from us. 

When testing this camera we especially liked the fact that you could operate it from a remote control on the wrist if you wanted.  This was a great convenience and eliminated the need to try and turn it on/off manually which is not the easiest thing to do if you are wearing riding gloves.   We also found it extremely easy to use and the viewing screen on the back was very useful.  This enabled you to view the footage and delete it in much the same way you would with a mobile phone. With the smaller cameras without a back viewing screen  (whether they be clip on or the cigar shaped ones) you have to take them to a computer to download or view and footage and to erase filming which was not as convenient.  With this camera all of this could be done from the menu screen on the back of the camera which meant that you did not need to take it anywhere near a computer unless you actually wanted to download and keep some footage. 

We thought long a hard about where to position the camera on the waistcoat.  Lets face it no where on the body is safe if you fall off and everything always hurts if you hit the floor, however we felt that some places were more suitable.  A no go  for us was anywhere on the riders hat as we felt that if you were to fall off this was likely a high impact zone and we did not want anything to affect the workings of a riding helmet.  We settled on just above the chest on the front of the waistcoat and just below the shoulder blade on the back.  For riders that would prefer to have it on their leg then we can offer a strap for you to attach it around your top calf area. Please see below for more of the technical details onthe camera and the accessories  We especially like in the accessory pack the cycle mount and the dashboad mount for a car.  We felt this meant that riders would be able to get use from the camera in many more situations that just horse riding. 

Benefits of filming whist riding.

We would like to thank Hanna Campbell from the "Horse Solicitor" who has provided the legal answers to the following: 

- Just the fact that you are advising drivers that you are filming them will be enough to amend the way some drivers go past you.  The best way to do this is with our "Safety Camera In Use" Waistcoat.  Legally you do not have to tell anyone you are filming them or get their permission to do so as long as you are in a public place.  For a much more detailed explanation of the legalities please click here and you will be taken to the "Horse Solicitor" website 

- If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or incident then the camera footage you obtain can be used with your insurance company or in court to help your claim.  For a much more detailed explanation of the legalities please click here and you will be taken to the "Horse Solicitor" website

- If you are not involved in an accident but are on the end of a dangerous driver or one which passes you and your horse in a completely inappropriate and unsafe manner then the camera can be used catch this driving and their number plate.   You are then able to visit you local Police to show them this footage and complain about the driver.  They in turn can use this footage to contact the driver  about their lack of appropriate driving skills.   Hanna Campbell fom the Horse Solicitor has kindly comfirmed: 

"The footage should be handed over to the police. In some cases the police may wish to prosecute. If the police fail to bring charges or fail to discuss the incident with the individual that's been filmed, a complaint can be made if the footage demonstrates driving that would constitute an offense such as driving without due care and attention or dangerous driving for example." 

- If you are not involved in an accident but would like to take a quick picture of a car/person/dog then the quick snap picture option on the remote control wrist strap can easily do this.  The smaller cheaper cameras do not have this facility. 

MUVI HD - 10

The MUVI™ HD10 is a full HD 1080p resolution action camera, 4GB microSD card and includes helmet mounting bracket.The MUVI™ HD10 also includes a self timer, noise activation, touch panel, digital zoom and ships with a 4GB microSD card (upgradable to 32GB) and a 1400 mAh internal battery that will give 4 hours record time.As well as the rich technical specifications the MUVI™ also comes with a range of sports mounting clips and accessories that enables you to record in almost any situation.





1400 mAh (Lithion rechargeable)/3.5V

Record time

3 hours

Memory included

4GB microSD card included

Cmos lens

1 /2.5


1080p, 960p, 720p, WVGA

Frame rate

60fps, 30fps


170˚, 127˚

Digital zoom

3 x (720p mode only)

Optical zoom


Image stabilisation


Wireless remote range

5 Metres



Camera ISO range

400 ISO

Minimum focal aperture


Maximum focal aperture


Minimum focal length


Maximum focal length


Minimum illumination

1 Lux

Mounts included

Wrist Strap, Universal clip, Sports mounting kit


H 80mm x W 47mm x D 19mm



Camera showing strong spring clip case   Reverse screen enables you to view/manage/delete footage Remote Control button which has its own spring clip or wrist mount.  This turns the camera on or off and the grey button takes a picture




- Muvi™ HD10 Hands Free Camcorder

- Wireless 2.4 GHz Sensa Remote Control

- 4Gb microSD Card

- Pouch

- Software

- Wrist Strap

- Universal Clip

- Sports Mounting Kit

- USB Cable

- USB Adapter     



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