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Chequered Products - More Information and Options Available

 We received these clarifications in early January and immediately withdrew the chequered range from sale.  On request from the Police we did not communicate anything as national press releases would be sent to magazines by the Police themselves. 

The clarifications take into account whether the rider and horse combined  are wearing products which means that general road users might mistake them for a Police Officer. They have split the products into High, Medium and Low risk of contravening these new guidelines.  Please click here to read the Press Release in full from the Police

As a gesture of goodwill and to help all our customers become compliant - we will be helping out everybody who wants it by primarily amending products.  For those we cannot amend then we will replace free of charge.  Please see below for further details and to help you assess your personal risk.



High Risk*
Products which combine the 3 elements of

1) wording which resembles the word "Police" even if spelt differently
2) Use a high vis yellow background material
3) Chequered tape
This means that our "PLEASE" Waistcoat, Lightweight Harness and Bomber Jacket are at high risk of contravening and riders should stop using them.  We will be amending or replacing these products (please see chart below) to reduce your risk.

Medium Risk* 
Products which combine plain yellow material and chequered tape.  The Police have confirmed that this risk can be reduced to low risk by combining these with products in another high viz colour which the Police never use such as orange or pink. Your chances of being mistaken as a Police Officer would then be greatly reduced.   Most of our chequered horse products and rider hatbands use a combination of the chequered and yellow.  For customers with these products you can either use them with another colour as suggested or if you prefer you can send them to us and we will amend them by covering up the chequered tape with a plain silver reflective tape.  Please see the chart below for guidance about your product. 

Low Risk*
Plain yellow products or yellow/chequered products which have been teamed up with other orange or pink products

*Please note that although we have consulted the Police nationally on the risk explanation we cannot guarantee the attitudes and actions of individual Police Forces/Officers and accept no liability for their actions.

Other options

1)For those of you which have the means to apply a soft silver reflective tape yourselves and would rather do this than send your product to us then please email us with your name and address and what products you have.  We will then post the tape to you for you to sew on. Obviously, we will only send tape to amend V-Bandz products and not those made by any other manufacturer.

2) If your product just combines yellow with the chequered tape - then you could just remove the chequered tape if you wish, however this would mean that your product is no longer reflective.



 We will amend (or exchange for an alternative if we cannot amend)  any chequered product purchased from V-Bandz by covering the chequered tape with a silver one.  However, we are a small company and the only way financially that we can help everybody who needs/wants it is if you kindly pay for the postage in and back to you.  We will not charge for the exchanges or amendments to existing products.   If you do not want to send the product back to us, you can of course cover up any wording and remove any tape that you wish.  However, if you remove tape then the product will no longer be reflective


1) Please can you find your product(s) from the chart below and it will tell you whether we will be amending or replacing the item.  It will also tell you the amount you need to include with the product to cover the return postage.  To keep the processing costs to an absolute minimum will you please enclose cash in with the item(s). We would not normally ask you to send cash but it will  cost us credit card fees and lots of time if we start debiting cards for small amounts.

2) Please can you send your product(s to us together with the EXCHANGES FORM.  Please print this off here and complete your name and address very clearly as we will be using this for the return label to you. 

3) Please enclose the correct amount with your product(s).  If you are returning more than 1 product please add up the postage costs and send in the total



of Product



Amend or



Postage to
include with
Bomber JacketAmend £3.50
Adjustable zip
Replace with a new
compliant product of
the same
Lightweight HarnessAmend £2.00
All Chequered
Yellow and
Waterproof Quarter
Amend £3.50
Mesh Quarter
Horse BibAmend£1.10
Mighty NeckbandAmend with yellow tape£2.00
Standard LegbandsAmend£1.00
Tape LegbandsAmend £1.00
Deluxe LegbandsAmend£1.20