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About V-Bandz

High Visibility Products for the Rider - Horse - Pet

V-Bandz Ltd has been a leading innovator in equestrian high visibility for 19 years. Our  product range for the rider has been tested and certified to the European standard of EN1150 (waistcoats and tabards)  and EN13356 (accessories such as rider hatbands) which means that you can be sure you are buying a quality product which will last and provide additional safety day and night.

Because we manufacture in the UK and sell directly to the public our prices are very keen, which means that you get a great quality product at a good price. 



V-Bandz ltd is sponsoring the TREC GB Winter League 2020/21.  In conjunction with this we offering all TREC GB members a "Free Gift" option on purchases from the V-Bandz website.  Please click here for full details 




New Combi Brite Tassel Tailguards

By popular demand we have now updated the colour options to include a Combi Brite orange and yellow or pink and yellow option.  This Tailguard is very light and easy to put on.  The elastic band at the top has sticky lines of rubber inside to make it non slip.  Price 7.99, click here for more details

NEW for 2020

Flashing Mighty Neckband - USB Rechargeable - £37.99 - for more info click here


The Mighty Neckband is size adjustable.  We have a pony size and a cob/full size.  Really big XL can be made to order.  There are 3 colours available: orange, pink or yellow.

There are 2 USB rechargeable strips each side which are black/reflective and have white flashing lights.  There is a separate round light at the bottom (also USB rechargeable).  A webbing strap goes through the front legs and onto the girth to stabilise the Neckband



The Dangers of riding in bright summer sunlight. 

This horse and rider are visible to drivers at this point in the road but the moment they hit the shade of the trees overhanging the road they would become nearly invisible to drivers if they were not wearing high viz.  Drivers need time for their   eyes  to adapt to the shade.   Please make sure you wear lots of high viz if this sort of riding scenario applies to you.  The drivers will see you so much quicker.  

Plain yellow might not be the best colour to be seen under the trees, which is why we really advocate that you mix your high viz colours.


Why bother to wear Hi-Viz?

Wearing High Viz means even in the brightest of sunlight you and your horse will be much more visible to drivers. The fluorescent colour is seen by the human eye up to 3 seconds sooner than any other colour, even white. This means that a car travelling at 50mph could see you 250 meters sooner than when you are wearing no hi-viz at all.

Take a look at the pictures below; these were taken on a bright sunny day under the shade of trees.


We are not saying that car drivers cannot see the horse on the left - but they will certainly see the horse on the right first - hence the extra 3 seconds  -  Keep Safe!

Top Sellers
''Combi - Brite'' Waterproof Quarter Sheet

"Combi - Brite" Waterproof Quarter Sheet£42.50

A waterproof sheet which attaches to the saddle and will not slip sideways or backwards in use.

''Combi Brite'' Adjustable Mesh Waistcoat

"Combi Brite" Adjustable Mesh Waistcoat£25.99  -  £26.99

Certified to EN1150
A great waistcoat designed especially for riding.

''Combi Brite'' Deluxe Legbands

"Combi Brite" Deluxe Legbands£12.50  -  £13.50

The most fluorescent/reflective high vis boots on the market

''Combi Brite'' Deluxe Tailguard

"Combi Brite" Deluxe Tailguard£13.50

Fits from slim to really bushy tails